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Eevee's Cockapoo puppies

Countries capitals litter

 ~ Eevee's pups have joined their fur-ever fams ~

Be sure to scroll down to see most recent pics - updated 4/11/21

Eevee surpised us with this litter!  In her normal laid-back, easy-going spirit Eevee handled delivery of her litter with a sense of peace and calm that is so her!  Between the morning hours of 1:53am and 5:20am Eevee whelped 5 boys and 3 girls.  All of the pups are doing great - nursing and snuggling with their momma.  Of course, we get our snuggles in too.💜

Welcome to the world ~ Photo shoot 4 days old

At four days old, all of Eevee's pups have been nursing like champs and are gaining weight wonderfully.  Eevee adores her babes and spends most of her time caring for and loving on them.  We chose Countries Capitals for this litters name theme. We have, in order of birth: Zagreb (male), London (male), Sofia (female), Oslo (male), Dublin (male), Vienna (female), Abu Dhabi (male) and Suva (female).

Eevee's Pups
Eevee's Pups
Eevee's Pups
Opening their eyes ~ Photo Shoot 2 Weeks 1 Day

Almost all of our Capital pups have their eyes open. Eevee is being a wonderful mom and her pups are thriving.  My boys and I often marvel and the transformation that occurs in just two short weeks!  Truly amazing.....

Cute as a button ~ 4 weeks 2 days (2/18)

Playtime   Lunch   Guess it's time for a little rest 💤.  

Eevee's pups are enjoying playtime, with new toys introduced daily.  They've begun formula and slurry which they are quite excited about....lapping up to the last drop. Playdates with Starla's pups are a hit too!

Puppy Videos - Snippets of cuteness

We love our toys ❤️🐾


Happy Friday to you, says Abu 💙


Play, Eat, Sleep, REpeat - photo shoot 5 weeks (2/23)

Eevee's pups are best friends with Starla's little ones - spending lots of time playing together.  We love watching them grow and change - exploring the world around them by putting everything in their mouth.  And so, new toys are introduced daily - ones that squeak, crinkle, roll, bounce, etc. so they can chew - chase - and pounce on them to their hearts content.  We are introducing them to stairs, all of our other mommas and different flooring textures (rugs, hard surface, etc).  Being in the middle of our home they are getting exposed to and comfortable with the sounds of family life - vacuuum, dryer tumbling, doorbell, dogs barking, kids running around excitedly, phone ringing, music playing, you name it.  

Zagreb (Male, Light apricot)
London (Male, Apricot)
Sofia (Female, Buff)
Oslo (Male, Apricot)
Dublin (Male, Buff)
Vienna (Female, buff)
Abu Dhabi (Male, Apricot)
Suva (Female, Buff)
Puppy Field Trip (3/4)

Puppy socializion is so important to make sure our pups grow up to be confident and able to handle new situations. 6-16 weeks of age is a critical time of development for pups to learn about their world and can impact the puppy for life.  Professional dog trainer, Paul Owens says, "“socialization does not mean putting a dog in a new situation and seeing what happens. Socialization means introducing new situations and making them safe, positive, confidence-building experiences.”

So, off we went on a puppy field trip to a local farm for the pups to meet goats, chickens, guineafowl and Bobby the Donkey.  

Getting outside to play (3/5)

Mild winter day meant getting outside to play! 🐾  The pups love to explore everything at this age - leaves 🍂 blowing in the backyard, fallen branches, you name it.  They still like to stay close to us, running off a bit but always circling back for a quick pet and snuggle. I love watching them as they find joy in the smallest of things.