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Eevee's Cockapoo puppies

Headed Home This Saturday, December 2

And here we are.....8 weeks has flown by (for us, maybe not as quick for the families) and Eevee's Cockapoo puppies head to their fur-ever homes in just 2 days!  


We've cuddled, kissed, nurtured, groomed and cared for their health and safety.  

We've exposed them to novel enironments - sights, sounds, smells - encouraging them to believe in their own abilities.

We've provided enrichment activities - and been their cheerleader through it all - "yes, you can do it".  

It's amazing to watch a litter go through the first 5 phases of puppy hood (Pre-conception, Pregnancy, Neonatal, Transition and Early Sensitive period) and hope our families continue to foster positive enrichment and socialization experiences. Because it's not about how many experiences (checking off boxes), it's about keeping them positive and safe - so the puppy will continue to see the world is safe and they are capable.

Harry (now Levi) will be making his fur-ever home in MA.

Hermine (now Chloe) will be making her fur-ever home in MA.

Neville (now Reggie) will be making his fur-ever home in NYC.

Ron (now Magnus) will be making his fur-ever home in MA.

Harry (Buff Male)

Hermine (Dark Apricot Female)

Neville (Apricot Male)