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APPLE's Cockapoo puppies

Be sure to check out our CHC Families Only page for more pictures, videos and information about Apple's pups!
*updated 3/4/22

Last Photo Shoot, February 3

Apple's Sugar Creek Gang Cockapoo puppies head to their fur-ever homes THIS weekend!


They are off to: Massachusetts (💙💙💙💙💙), Maine (❤️), and NH (❤️).


Not sure where the past 8 weeks have gone (as the saying goes, "Time flies when you're having fun"), but I know we've invested loads of love, time and attention into these pups to show them:  They are loved - the world is exciting - exploring new is good - they have what it takes - and they are safe (we've got their back).


With continued positive training, safe & enriched environments, and well-done socialization these pups are destined to be amazing dogs! We look forward to continued relationship with each of our CHC families and watching these guys grow.

Bill (apricot, male)

Poetry (apricot, male)

Little Jim (apricot, male)

Charlotte Ann (apricot, female)