APPLE's Winter Pups

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Name theme chosen, january 16

Our first formal photo shoot in the books.  Apple's Cockapoo pups had a great first week; daily weigh-ins, gentle touching, ENS and of course, lots of snuggles with their momma.  Apple continues to be an amazing momma and welcomes the love and attention we lavish on her and her littles. 

My boys and I are currently enjoying bedtime reading of the series, Sugar Creek Gang, and so that's the name theme we've chosen for these cute pups.  We have: Bill, Poetry, Little Jim, Charlotte Ann, Sylvia, Dragonfly and Circus.

Bill (apricot, male)

Little Jim (apricot, male)

sylvia (apricot, female)

Poetry (apricot, male)

Charlotte Ann (apricot, female)

dragonfly (apricot, male)