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Pregnancy confirmed, July 3

Noel's COckapoo Puppies

Happy Birthday, September 26

3 weeks today!

Noel's Cockapoo pups are bringing all the cuteness!  Their eyes have opened, they wobble about, have begun playing with each other - toys - and us!  I adore this stage where they are engaging and OH SO cuddly. 

They've been great homeschool "helpers" too!

*these pups will be spoken for by families currently on our waiting list.  Destiny will begin reaching out to families today!

The pups were ready to get back to their pen for a nap after being out palying with Reid and getting their collars on. 

At CHC we work on noise desensitization, starting slowly, once their ears open.  Working on noise desensitization prepares our pups for the noisy world around them and better equips our pups to confidently approach new and novel.


Raising enriched and resilient pups means a more confident and well-balanced dog.

Hello sunshine - Hello Babies, September 8

Noel began showing signs of labor on Labor Day!  


The boys and I took turns staying up through the night on Sunday and Monday to make sure we were ready to assist should she need it, to include giving Noel plenty of pets and belly rubs (her favorite! She actually uses her paw to push our hands to her belly).  Hard labor began during the wee hours of Tuesday morning. By 9:00AM Tuesday all pups were safely cuddled up and nursing with mom.

We are thankful that momma had a safe delivery and that the litter arrived without complication.  

The boys have already chosen the name theme for these cuties - Toby Mac and the Diverse City Band.

Welcome to the world - we love you so much already!! (Pups are listed below in birth order):


     💙Shonlock (Shon)

     💙Timmy Rose (Timmy)


     ❤️Terrian (Terri)

     💙Toddiefunk (Toddie)

A beautiful day meant taking the pups outside for their first photo shoot.  Oh the cuteness!

💙 Toby (MALe F1 Cockapoo puppy)

💙 Shon (male F1 Cockapoo puppy)

💙 Timmy (male F1 Cockapoo puppy)