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Pregnancy confirmed, July 3

Noel's COckapoo Puppies

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Sun - Sun - Fun, may 7

5 weeks we've had these beautiful girls in our lives.....

This weekend they meet their fur-ever families......

Today was a beautiful - warm and sunny - day amidst many rainy ones, so out and about we went - to romp in the grass, roll and chase balls, sniff the warm breeze, follow our noses in exploration, play follow the leader, and have another photo shoot! ❤️❤️❤️

At 5 weeks:

     🐾 we continue to take frequent potty breaks outdoors.

     🐾 we continue daily handling excercises.

     🐾 we conduct daily exposure activities (new rooms in and about our home, new people - hello friends, new textures, new smells, etc).

And through all handling and training, we are sure to take it slow and make sure all activiites are positive and fun (offering encouragement and words of praise when needed). 

Pups from this litter are spoken for by families currently on our waiting list. 

❤️ Faith

❤️ Hope

❤️ Charity

FaitH - Hope & Charity, April 14

Noel welcomed a beautiful litter of F1 Cockapoo puppies via c-section on Saturday, March 30.  


Momma's estimated due date being March 28 and no sings of labor we headed to Broadview Repro for a consult.  After progesterone testing, bloodwork, ultrasound (and fetal heart checks) the docotrs ruled out that any distress on the pups (or momma).  We then discussed the best way to proceed and agreed that a planned c-section would be much less stress and uncertainty for all.

Within hours all pups were nursing with mom, who was recovering comfortably under the watchful care of the surgical team.

We are over the moon in love with Noel's final litter - and I am thrilled for 3 girls because for 11 years I've thought it would be so cool to name a litter "Faith, Hope & Charity.  So, welcome to the world...... 


❤️Faith ❤️Hope ❤️Charity

Pups from this litter will be spoken for by families already on our waiting list.  I will begin reaching out, Sunday 4/14.

❤️ Faith