Our Moms


Apple is a beautiful buff AKC Cocker Spaniel.
Apple loves to go for walks (as you can see in her profile picture with Drew) though she and I can't quite keep up with Tyler, Devin, Drew and Reid as they zoom along on their scooters and bikes.  An extra boost of energy comes if you say her name "Apple-bapple, pretty girl" - her tail waggs excitedly and her pace quickens to a beautiful prance.  She loves to snuggle on our laps while we build puzzles, watch tv or read books. If she gets a case of the afternoon zoomies, she'll run around wildly and crash into you for a belly rub and smooches which seem to rev her up even more. She's a wonderful mix of silly, spunky, sweet and cuddly.


Eevee (named after the Pokemon character) is a gorgeous buff AKC Cocker Spaniel who loves going for walks and hikes, "helping" in the kitchen, snuggling with her sisters, and being part of the energy in our home.  She is amazing with kids and loves to give kisses.  She's spunky and silly like her fur-sister Noel and the two of them are always up for adventure.  She reminds me of my first dog, a black pug named Ollie.  Like Ollie, Eevee is drawn to indoor plants and the Christmas tree. If leaves or branches touch her she begins to creep as in slow motion.  


Noel!  What can I say about this adorable, full of life and love pup?  Noel, aka "Welly" joined our family on November 28, 2017 (at 8 weeks of age). Noel comes from California like her big "sister" Madi.  Noel is sassy, spunky, smart, playful, a cuddler and wonderful with all the boys.  She does like to be first when running up the stairs - which her big sisters usually allow.  Noel loves to play with ALL the dog toys and can quite frequently be found playing tug with Madi and Summer. Noel loves to play outside, take walks, play fetch and her tail NEVER stops wagging.  We love our Welly girl.


Summer is a beautiful chocolate AKC Cocker Spaniel.  In nice weather she enjoys morning coffee time on the deck with me, snuggling on the dog bed with her sisters, playing tug with Madi, and snuggling on a lap when available. She is gentle yet playful, sweet but silly and very much loved.  Devin (my 9 year old) loves when Summer's coat is full, he thinks she looks like a fuzzy little bear. If Dev gets stuck on a particular math problem, or needs a break from his studies you'll find him either reading a book to Summer or laying curled up somewhere snuggled with Summer under his Luigi blanket.  He affectionately calls this time "fuzz therapy".