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At Chesley Hill Cockapoos, we health test our breeding dogs to make sure we are bettering breed health in Cockapoos. 

Cockapoo Family Breeder Boston Chesley Hill Cockapoos

Affectionately Known As (AKA): Bappy, Bapple, Baps.

Apple is a beautiful buff AKC Cocker Spaniel.  

Favorite Things: Anything that squeaks, Aria, walks with her family, cuddles.

Least Favorite Things: Going outside when it's raining, Aria (ha).

Apple is a gentle and sweet girl who loves to snuggle on our laps while we read, or on her donut bed with her sisters. She loves going for walks and is a great help in modeling loose-leash walking for Aria.  She enjoys basking in the sunshine that comes through our dining room slider, playing in the backyard with her sisters and puppies, and is my buddy for morning coffee and quiet time on our front deck. 

Cockapoo Family Breeder Boston Chesley Hill Cockapoos

Affectionately Known As (AKA): Goo-ta, Beevy, Muffin, Boo-toos.

Eevee is a beautiful buff AKC Cocker Spaniel.

Favorite Things:  Devin, going on hikes, water, car rides.

Least Favorite Things:  Playing fetch, getting worked up 'cause life is too short.

Eevee is a loving, sweet and super chill girl.  She is a great hiking companion and is up for any adventure as long as it's with her family. She is amazing with kids and loves to give kisses.  She has the most squishable face and brings a calm energy in our very lively home. If you have a free hand she will expect you to put it to use and pet her.  

Cockapoo Family Breeder Boston Chesley Hill Cockapoos

Affectionately Known As (AKA):  Welly, Well-bell.

Noel is a beautiful buff AKC Cocker Spaniel.

Favorite Things:  Playing fetch, running in the backyard, tug-of-war, all squeaky toys, squirrels.

Least Favorite Things: Helicopters & planes, delivery trucks, remote control toys.

Noel joined our family on November 28, 2017 at 8 weeks of age.  She is sassy, full of life & love, spunky, smart, playful, a cuddler and wonderful with all the boys. Noel loves to play with ALL the dog toys and can quite frequently be found playing tug with Aria (her daughter). Noel loves to play outside, take walks, play fetch and her tail NEVER stops wagging.  We love our Welly girl.

Cockapoo Family Breeder New England Chesley Hill Cockapoos

Affectionately Known As (AKA):  Riddles, Boots, Kanga, Roo.

Ridley is a beautiful red and white AKC Cocker Spaniel.

Favorite Things:  Jumping, keeping up with the boys, belly rubs, stuffed Kongs.

Least Favorite Things: Rain, empty food bowl, feeling like she's missing out on the action.

Ridley is an energetic, full-of-life girl.  If there's fun to be had she wants....expects to be part of it. When we take family walks, Ridley prefers to stay close to her boys and always has them in her sight.  She is nimble and able to climb and jump as though her legs were springs (hence the nickname, Kanga and Roo). She melts into your lap when being pet but if you stop, prepare for her to get "love zoomies".  She's got the softest coat and we absolutely adore her freckles!