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Our Dads

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At Chesley Hill Cockapoos, we health test our breeding dogs to make sure we are bettering breed health in Cockapoos. 

Cockapoo Breeder New England Chesley Hill Cockapoos Cockapoo Puppies New England

Affectionately Known As (AKA): Rocket, Mox.

Moxie is a handsome red AKC Miniature Poodle.

Favorite Things: Kids, belly rubs, running.

Least Favorite Things: Not being part of the fun!

Moxie lives just a few minutes from our home, with our friends, the Rices.

Much like our family, the Rices have a bustling and energetic crew. Sarah is a homeschool mom to her 5 kiddos (youngest being twin boys) and is also a science teacher.  My boys have attended her STEAM program for several years now. Mrs. Rice makes science FUN and my boys LOVE that (so do I)!  

They are Poodle lovers and previously raised and loved Copper, their sweet Poodle who was part of their family for 14 years! Growing up, Sarah had a Poodle and a St. Bernard.

We are so excited for Moxie to be raised as part of the Rice family.  We know he's going to be loved, properly socialized, trained and most importantly raised around children. 

Cockapoo Puppies Massachusetts Chesley Hill Cockapoos Cockapoo Breeder Massachusetts

Affectionately Known As (AKA): Mr. Finley, little man, Fin-fin, Gilbert.

Finley is a handsome red AKC Miniature Poodle.

Favorite Things: Being part of the pack, car rides, visits from our girls.

Least Favorite Things: 

Mr. Finley lives here in NH, a couple hours from our home with a Doodle/Golden Retriever breeder friend of ours.  He loves to be part of the fun and hang with the "big girls" (golden-doodles vs. miniature poodle) and enjoys running around on the 90 acres he calls home.  He loves walks on their many trails, rides in the side-by-side and going to see the horses. My boys love when we get to go for a visit!


Know what sparks the light in you,

then use that light to illuminate the world.

~ Oprah Winfrey ~

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