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Pregnancy confirmed, July 3

Moon's COckapoo Puppies

Not ready to say good-bye, January 3

2 more what we have to soak in all the hugs - snuggles - kisses - and silly puppy antics we've so enjoyed over the past 8 weeks with Moon's beautiful litter of F1 Cockapoo puppies.

From helpless little babes with eyes and ears closed, so tiny and bounding, playful, engaging pups ready to head out into the world - there has been so much change - growth - and development packed into the short time of baby/puppyhood we get to positively imprint on our pups.

A lack of snow in January here in NH (a sad state for my snow sports loving children), meant an outdoor photo shoot.  

💙 Lotus (Black male F1 Cockapoo puppy)

❤️ Caraway (Buff Female F1 Cockapoo Puppy)

💙 BARLEY (Apricot with white male F1 Cockapoo puppy)

❤️ Chia (ApricoT with white female F1 Cockapoo Puppy)