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Our Puppies

Cockapoo Puppies lovingly raised
by our family for your family

Hello, and welcome to Chesley Hill Cockapoos!  So glad you are here, checking us out!

 If you'd like to be put on our waitlist for one of our upcoming Cockapoo litters, the anticipated wait is approximately
6-/+ months for a male and 9-/+ months for a female.

Please note: 
     *The estimated 6-/+ to 9-/+ is for apricot / buff / cream.  Black / black and white / other blends will most likely have a shorter wait as we hope to welcome 2 litters this summer and fall in those colors. 
     *Wait time can vary (can be shorter or a little longer), as it depends on actual litter sizes, gender / color breakdown of the litter, and families preferences and availability to take puppy home when they are reached out to. 

As a small family breeder we have limited litters per year and will not increase "production" at the expense of our breeding programs standards, which are:  
     ๐Ÿพ To remain a small family breeder where all of our moms are beloved members of our family and home.
     ๐Ÿพ To love on and care for each and every puppy we are blessed to raise with all of our hearts.
     ๐Ÿพ For our mothers to have litters as is healthy and safe for them with guidance from our wonderful veterinary practice, Broadview Animal Hospital - Reproductive Care Team.
     ๐Ÿพ To only pair and breed parents who have passed health testing so as to make sure we are bettering breed health in Cockapoos.  Please be aware, several breeders claim to do health testing.  If your pups health is important to you - you can and should verify breeder claims.  Read my blog post, here on how.

If you'd like to remain in the "know" about all things CHC, or if you'd just like to see lots of cute Cockapoo puppies, I would encourage you to follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram (@chesleyhillcockapoos).

Thanks!  I look forward to connecting with you.

~ Des ๐Ÿพโค๏ธ

Upcoming Cockapoo puppy Litters

We anticipate litter(s) with:


             Maple at the end of January. (Maple has come into season and has been bred, ultrasound scheduled for December 27).


             Eevee middle to late February. This will be Eevee's last litter.  (Eevee has come into season, updates to follow).


             Charlotte Ann middle to late February. (Charlotte has come into season, updates to follow).


             Aria late February. (Aria has come into season, updates to follow).


             Noel around May 2024 (this will be Noel's last litter).


* All OFA breed recommened health screenings and certifications (to include genetic testing) have been completed.

Current Cockapoo puppy Litter(S)
OuR Cockapoo Pups (placed)
Cockapoo Puppy Boston Cockapoo Breeder New England

Destiny's entire family is instrumental in the raising of these pups; they are showered with love and positive training as they learn to navigate their new world. The qualtiy of our pup is a reflection on Destiny and her family and we feel utterly privileged to have found Chesley Hill Cockapoos.

 ~ Hazel S.

Cockapoo Puppy Massachusetts Cockapoo Breeder New England

Once we came across Chesley Hill Cockapoos we instantly fell in love with the openness, caring and compassionate family that was raising, what seems like, the most adorable Cockapoo puppies in the world.

 ~ Stephanie Q.

Cockapoo Puppy Massachusetts Cockapoo Breeder New England

I believe it is so important to support responsible breeders, those who first start with health-tested parents and raise their pups within their home. Destiny has hand-crafted her entire program to set her pups up for success and I can say, it works! My pup handles new situations wonderfully, loves playing with other pups and people.  Everyone we meet either comments on how cute he is or how well behaved he is.

 ~ Molly B.

Cockapoo Puppy Boston Cockapoo Breeder New England

Destiny is kind, professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.
Our pup is extremely smart, easy to train and just a love. I have absolute no doubt that those first 8 weeks with Destiny and her family made a huge impact on the kind of dog he is.

We couldn’t be happier!

 ~ Fiorella D.

Read more testimonials on our Watch Me Grow Page

Thank you for checking us out!


Chesley Hill Cockapoos is a New England based family breeder of Cockappo puppies!

 We are so excited to help families in NH, MA - Boston, CT, RI, NY - NYC, ME, VT and all throughout New England and the East Coast

to find their fur-ever Cockapoo puppy.  Our family feels blessed to raise Cockapoo puppies for all of our CHC families!  

Thanks for your interest in Chesley Hill Cockapoos, I look forward to helping you find your fur-ever Cockapoo pup.

Chesley Hill Cockapoos Cockapoo Breeder New Hampshire Cockapoo Puppies New Hampshire