RIDLEY's cockapoo puppies

Star wars ewok litter

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*updated 4/22/22.

And off we go, May 3

Ridley's Cockapoo puppies have been so fun to raise!  The 8 weeks have been filled with many cuddles, lots of love, laughter and so much exploring and new experiences.  They are a wonderfully fun and confident litter, and I am so thankful for the wonderful homes and families these pups will be joining this weekend.

This weekend, they will be off to: Massachusetts (❤️❤️), Maine (❤️), Connecticut (💙), New York (💙) and New Hampshire (💙).


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Peekpa (female)

Melani (female)

Paploo (Male)

Kneesa (Female)

Wicket (Male)

Widdle (male)