Apple's Cockapoo puppies

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*updated September 24, 2022.

Last Photo Shoot, September 28

Not sure how we got here....but here we are....8 weeks tomorrow and headed to their fur-ever homes this weekend.


Tony will make his fur-ever home in Massachusetts.

Steve will make his fur-ever home right here in New Hampshire.

Natasha will make her fur-ever home in Massachusetts.

Wanda will make her fur-ever home in Massachusetts.


We have loved on, cared for, encouraged, and worked through our enrichment activities and curriculum with these cuties and we know they are going to be wonderful fur-babies for their families.  As we hand them over, we pass the responsibility of positive training - relationship building - care and love.  While our role in raising them may be over, our relationship with the adoptive families will continue as we provide support whenever necessary (and because we love remaining part of our puppies lives).

Tony stark aka Iron man (apricot male)

Steve Rogers akA Captain America (apricot male)

Natasha Romanova AKA Black Widow (apricot female)

Wanda Maximoff AKA Scarlet Witch (apricot female)

Family visits this weekend, September 13 

We are so excited to be meeting families this weekend!


Apple's pups will be 6 weeks old this week.  They are playful - fun - and happy (their non-stop wagging tails say it all)!  

They have rocked all of their exposure activities and playtime thus far, and we continue to offer encouragement when necessary, but having laid a pretty solid foundation so far - it's only occasionally that they need us to! 


This week alone we have had:

    🐾 "Other" (neutral) dog playtime (meeting and  playing with doggies other than their momma).

     ðŸ¾ Playdates with Noel's Cockapoo puppies both inside and outside.

     ðŸ¾ Solid kibble (while still nursing and enjoying puppy slurry).

     ðŸ¾ Field trips (videos on CHC Families Only page).

     ..... and so much more! 


CHC families, don't forget to go check out our CHC Families Only page, where we share pictures - posts - and videos of how our Cockapoo puppies are being raised and cared for during their first 8 weeks.

Tony stark aka Iron man (apricot male)