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Our Cockapoo puppies are first generation pups. This means their mother is a Cocker Spaniel and their father is a Miniature Poodle.  Below are some pictures of puppies we've had the privilege and honor to raise and love, sorted by color of coat. Our buff mommas when bred with a red dad can produce buff, light apricot, apricot, dark apricot and red pups.  Our chocolate momma when bred with a red dad can produce black and apricot pups and when bred with a parti dad can produce black, cream and chocolate pups. We estimate our pups to be 18-25 pounds when full grown.

Wonder where our pups have made their fur-ever homes? Check out our Our Pups Around Town map below. 🧭

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Our Pups around town

I thought it would be fun to show where our pups have made their fur-ever homes....because, who knows - that cute Cockapoo you run into might just be one of the fantastic Cockapoo puppies we've had the privilege of raising in our home and as part of our family!  (Each heart on the map is a pup that was hand raised by Destiny 2013 to present).

Chesley Hill Cockapoo puppies have made their fur-ever homes with families throughout New England (NH, VT, ME, MA - Boston, RI and CT), and many states along the East Coast (NY - New York City, FL, VA, MD, PA & NJ) and as far as TX and ON, Canada! We look forward to helping you and your family find your fur-ever Cockapoo puppy!