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Cockapoo PuPS we've placed

Our Cockapoo puppies are first generation (F1) Cockapoos. This means their mom is a Cocker Spaniel and their dad is a Miniature Poodle.  


We hope to welcome our first litter of F1b Cokcapoo puppies in the Summer of 2023.  This means their mom will be a first generation (F1) Cockapoo and their dad will be a Miniature Poodle.

CHC Cockapoo Puppy FAQ's:

     🐾 How big do your pups grow to be?

Full grown, we estimate our pups to be 18-25 lbs.  We find this to be a wonderful size - small enough to travel and large enough to keep up with you on daily adventures (walks, hikes, swimming, you name it!).

      🐾 Do you dock tails? Do you remove dew claws?

Tails are kept natural. We do not dock (crop) tails.  Tail docking is a completely cosmetic and unnecessary procedure done when pups are 2-3 days of age. Dogs use their tails to communicate with the world, and we want to make sure our pups and dogs are heard. We do not remove dew claws.

       🐾 Do you spay / neuter your pups prior to placement?

All of our pups are placed on a spay/neuter contract (pet home only).  Females are to be spayed between 6 months and 1 year. Males are to be neutered by 1 1/2 years (we do recommend consulting with your vet for their age recommendation).

        🐾 Can we come visit?

After a family has completed our application process and been approved for adoption we have 2 visits. The first visit - aka, puppy selection - will be scheduled at 6 weeks of age (most often on the Saturday after pups turn 6 weeks, though this can vary depending on day of week the pups are born, etc).  The second visit - aka, pick up - will be scheduled at 8 weeks of age (most often on the Saturday after pups turn 8 weeks of age, though this can vary - but will never be before the pups are 8 weeks).

        🐾  What color are your Cockapoo puppies? 

At present our moms produce buff, cream, light apricot, apricot, dark apricot, and red Cockapoo puppies.  We hope to add black, black and white, and other beautiful blends, summer 2023.


Below are some pictures of the adorable Cockapoo puppies we've had the privilege and honor to raise and love as part of our family, sorted by coat color (for reference).

Wonder where our pups have made their fur-ever homes? Check out our Our Pups Around Town map below. 🧭

Buff & Cream
Dark Apricot & red