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Ridley's COckapoo Puppies

Be sure to check out our CHC Families Only page for more pictures, videos and information about Ridley's pups!
*updated 12/30/22

Too fast, january 4 

Today, Ridleys Cockapoo puppies, Spark and Corazon turned 8 weeks!

Wasn't it yesterday we were welcoming them into our home, lives and hearts?

We've had a blast getting to know them and have SO enjoyed being the ones to positively introduce them to all their firsts.

As they head to their fur-ever homes this weekend, we know they are ready to happily and confidently take on the world around them.

Corazon (now Timber) will make his fur-ever home right here in New Hampshire.

Spark (now Gracie) will make her fur-ever home in Massachusetts.

Corazon (male, cream with white markings)

Spark (Female, Dark Apricot with White Markings)

Manding, January 1

While in our care, we work to build confidence and comfort with the world around them.  We provide our Cockapoo puppies with many enrichment activities and socializaion opportunities.  


One of the things we work with our puppies on is to teach them they have a voice, also known as manding.  Manding is the concept that it is possible to get something the puppy wants by performing a behavior (Puppy Culture, Jane Messineo Lindquist).  

Read more about manding and how it benefits a pup:  Sit Does Not Mean Sit: Giving Puppies a Voice with Mand Behaviors

Here, Corazon - Spark - and Charlotte Ann all mand for my attention (and a treat).  Such good work!

Let's take it on the road, December 29

Load 'em up!

Today, we took Ridley's Cockapoo puppies, Spark and Corazon, for a short car ride around our neighborhood.  


At CHC we work to introduce daily exposure to novelty in a positive manner.  Our goal is to show our pups "new" (novel) is not scary.  With each new, positive experience our pups build their experience library providing them with the skills to approach new situations with confidence and ease.

Best part of waking up is, December 29

I love starting my day with quiet reflection, journaling, and COFFEE!  


But, as a mom of boys and fur-babies I often am not alone and the time isn't always quiet. ❤️  No complaints though, especially when this is my "interruption".