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Apple's COckapoo Puppies

Periodic Table litter

Be sure to watch for our CHC Families Only page for more pictures, videos and information about Apple's pups!
*PAGE is up!!  
LOADS of pics and videos from our fun.
Updated 5/4/23

Mother's Day weekend, May 13

Happy Mother's Day! 

Our wonderful CHC families are in final countdown mode (T-4 days) and eagerly awaiting pick up day, when they can finally bring home their fur-ever Cockapoo puppy.

We've absolutely fallen in love with Apple's Periodic Table litter and feel blessed to have been the ones to help them learn about the world around them - and show them that they are loved, people are good, the world is amazing, and they have what it takes to make it!

Though we've laid a wonderful foundation, the work to have a wonderful puppy become a well-adjusted dog continues with their new families, whose job will be to build relationships with their new pups - provide positive exposure activities and socialization - and create a nurturing and safe environment where their pup will feel loved and safe.

So, here they are - for their last photo shoot here at CHC.  We will miss you so little ones, but we know you are going to be cherished and adored.

💙 VAN (Red male Cockapoo Puppy with white markings)

💙 BIS (Red male Cockapoo Puppy with white markings)

❤️ RU (Red FEmale Cockapoo Puppy with white markings)