Noel's COckapoo Puppies

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*updated September 20, 2022

Meeting our families this weekend, september 21

Noel's NATO Alphabet Cockapoo puppies turned 6 weeks TODAY!  

A mild day with no rain allowed us to take our photo shoot outside.  Of course the pups loved having the opportunity to sniff about and explore between turns.

We continue to work through our daily enrichment activities, handling and so much more - with our focus to make all new experiences positive.  

They are LOVING group playtime with Apple's Cockapoo puppies and the big girls (Aria, Charlotte Ann, Eevee and Ridley). Noel and Apple continue to lovingly watch over their littles, but don't stay in the mix of playtime too long as their presence means "mealtime" to the puppies. 

Just a couple more days before these cuties meet their fur-ever families.  

Tango (male light apricot Cockapoo Puppy)

Charlie (male Buff Cockapoo Puppy)

Zulu (male Light Apricot Cockapoo Puppy)

Delta (Female Light Apricot Cockapoo Puppy)

Lima (Female Buff Cockapoo Puppy)

Juliet (Female Buff Cockapoo Puppy)