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Noel's COckapoo Puppies

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*updated September 20, 2022

A fun filled 8 weeks, October 3

So much learning, love and fun happens in the short 8 weeks we have with our Cockapoo puppies.

Noel's NATO Alphabet litter will be heading to their fur-ever homes this weekend!

We've worked daily on handling, noise exposure, enrichment activities and confidence building.  Noel's Cockapoo pups have gone for car rides - walks around the neighborhood - outdoor romps on varied textures (grass, pavement, rocks) - scent walks - and explored several novel environments (slides, stairs, tents, tunnels, tubes, balls, stuffies of various sizes, etc.).

We've had an absolute blast getting to watch them develop their individual personalities and uliethelp them to discover that the people are safe, the world is fun, and they CAN approach new with confidence.

Juliet (now Okra) will make her fur-ever home in Maine.

Lima (now Clementine) will make her fur-ever home in Massachusetts.

Delta (now Gigi) will make her fur-ever home in Maine.

Charlie will make his fur-ever home in Maine.

Tango (now Murphy) will make his fur-ever home right here in New Hampshire.

Zulu (now Buzzard) will make his fur-ever home in Massachusetts.

Tango (male light apricot Cockapoo Puppy)

Charlie (male Buff Cockapoo Puppy)

Zulu (male Light Apricot Cockapoo Puppy)

Delta (Female Light Apricot Cockapoo Puppy)