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Noel's Cockapoo puppies

Hotels of vegas litter

 ~ Noel's pups are spoken for by families currently on our waitlist ~

8 Weeks Tomorrow!?, July 23

Not sure how, but Noel's Cockapoo pups turn 8 weeks tomorrow and will be joining their fur-ever families in their new fur-ever homes! It honestly feels like yesterday that we were welcoming these sweet pups into our lives and hearts......our wonderful CHC families are so eager to bring their babes home, as I know I would be! ❤️  This litter has been a delight to raise!  

These pups will continue to share their cuteness in New England with their families in: MA, CT and NH!

Nobu (apricot boy)

Aria (buff girl)

Rio (apricot boy)

Vdara (buff girl)