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Pregnancy confirmed, July 3

Eevee's COckapoo Puppies

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Updated 3/3/24

Off to the vet, April 2

Before heading to their fur-ever homes, Eevee's F1 Cockapoo puppies - Piggie & Gerald head to Broadview Reproductive clinic for vet check appointments (and their NH Health Certificate).

The appointment also included Charlotte Ann's current litter of F1b Cockapoo pupies.

The pups rode nicely in the car - no fussing, no stress with many resting / napping.

Piggie and Gerald were adorable and won the hearts of the team at BV.  They were wonderful patients and though the vet provided meat treats were quite amazingly yummie!

Sunny Sunday, March 24

At 6 weeks, Eevee's adorable Cockapoo puppies - Piggie & Gerald - are fun, engaging, cuddly, happy, tail-wagging little pups!

Drew adores his litter and takes delight in caring for their daily handling, weigh-ins and adventures.  

Piggie and Gerald have truly enjoyed having the other litters (loads of buddies) to play and snuggle with.  Eevee is such a great mom, she even seems to enjoy when P&G have "sleepovers" (Aria and Charlotte Ann's litters are quite large and weaning from mom, so a couple pups from each of their litters take turns in P&G's pen).  

We have been enjoying the wonderful spring weather - enjoying loads of outdoor play and adventures in the sunshine.  This weekend's ice and snow storm was an opportunity for 1. a beautiful outdoor photo shoot 2. another exposure activity (crunchy snow, crisp cold breeze and cracking of ice as it drops from trees). 

❤️ Piggie (cream female)

💙 gerald (light apricot male)

4 Weeks, march 4

Eevee's sweet Cockapoo pups turned 4 weeks today!

They are the most squishable, roly-poly, floofs and we are SMITTEN!  

Like their momma, they are laid back and easy-going.  Each day we create a novel "exposure activity" - new items to smell, nibble, feel, explore.

(Pics and videos can be viewed on our CHC Families only page).


Piggie is the first to move about, tail wagging.  If she feels Gerald isn't as enthusiastic about things as she is (and as she feels he should be), she will playfully plow into him - give him kisses - and bat at him with her paws.  Often this spurs him to begin exploring with her.  It's adorable and I completely and entirely enjoy these times with them.

❤️ Piggie (cream female)