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Pregnancy confirmed, July 3

Eevee's COckapoo Puppies

Chunky Monkey's, February 12

One week in and Eevee and her pups are doing wonderfully!  Pups are eating and gaining weight and Eevee is such a sweet and gentle momma.

Drew has taken the responsibility for this litter (daily weigh-ins, cleaning, and cuddling) and also the choosing of the litters name theme.


One of his favorite book series is Elephant and Piggie.....and so we would like to introduce you to:

❤️Piggie and 💙Gerald.

*Destiny will begin reaching out to families currently on our waiting list, 2/12. These pups are spoken for by families on our waiting list.

❤️ Piggie (cream female)

💙 gerald (light apricot male)

let's take a peek, February 3

As we approach Eevee's Cockapoo puppy litter due date, we had back to Broadview for x-ray - Eevee was thrilled to be going on another "adventure". 

This appointment confirmed that momma was expecting 2 pups.  Conversation with the reproductive team brought us to the decision that a scheduled c-section would be a low-risk *best* option (due to possible delivery complications with such a small litter).


2 pups!

(and a belly full of breakfast - ha!). 

Just taking it easy. 


Time for ultrasound, January 3

Eevee was all excited to get her harness on and go for a car ride today - she's a great little travler - our destination was Broadview Reproductive Clinic where we had an ultrasound appointment with Dr. Kelleher. 

Ultrasound confirmed that Eevee and Moxie are expecting!!

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