Retired Mommas


Starla is a sweet, sassy, full of life and love pup! Starla is a Red and White AKC Cocker Spaniel with an amazing pedigree of Grand Champions and Champions.  Starla loves to play with our boys - her entire back end wags (her feet do a super cute dance) when they come into sight.  Starla loves to take walks and use her keen Cocker nose to sniff out all the chipmunks that live in the rock wall of our yard.  She also LOVES playing fetch. If my lap becomes available, Stars will come running. Starla lives with her "sisters" Madi, Noel, Eevee, Summer and Apple.


Madi is a beautiful and sweet buff AKC Cocker Spaniel with a Champion sire. Madi joined our family on April 22, 2015. Madi is a fun addition to our home, being a wonderful friend and playmate to all the pups as well as a great big sister to Starla, Noel, Summer, Eevee and Apple. Madi is wonderful with our boys and successfully completed obedience classes when she was younger. She loves to play fetch in the backyard and at the beach. Madi is a joy and absolute love. Though retired, Madi will remain in our home as part of our family.


Gracie is a beautiful red roan (buff with red markings / freckles) AKC Cocker Spaniel with Champion lines. Gracie was a loving and devoted member of our family for 4 years.  Gracie would follow me and the boys from room to room making sure we were "safe" and always wanting to be near us (shower - she'd be there waiting on the bathmat, folding laundry - she'd be there snuggled into her favorite nook of my room, making dinner - she'd be there by the stove, working on the computer - she'd be there under the desk curled up on my feet).  She is an absolute love and would often sneak into the boys' bedroom whenever it was time for them to go to sleep.  She even "assisted" with laying Drew down for his naps - offering sweet kisses as I swaddled him (of course waking Drew who excitedly squeals at his buddy who he feels has come to save him from his nap).  She also LOVED playing fetch in the backyard with her kong toys and tennis balls only stopping when my arm needed a rest.  Gracie is retired and is now enjoying life with her new family in Newburyport.  Gracie will always have a special spot in our hearts and is very much missed.  

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