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Maple's COckapoo Puppies

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Updated 2/26/24

don't blink, March 24

Maple's litter of F1 Cockapoo puppies has been a delight to raise!  

Watching their personalities develop - each unique - we've loved introducing them to the world around them - encouraging them to confidently approach

"new" - and to trust that people are kind.

Pups had a wonderful time meeting their fur-ever families a couple weeks back - bringing all the cuteness, of course.  Visits are when we get to put a face with the name and provides us the amazing opportunity to truly see the wonderful families our pups will become part of.  

We've been loving the mild spring weather - with lots of time outside playing and exploring - well, until last nights snow and ice storm - ah well, that is life in New England.  So, we make the best of the snow and ice by bringing our photo shoot outdoors where the ice covered trees glistened in the sunlight and the ground lay covered in white - a stunning backdrop for Maple's gorgeous babes.  


The pups were enthralled with the crunching sounds and crisp smells as we walked about.  And there we have, another opportunity for enrichment. ❤️🐾💙

💙 Rip (apricot male)

❤️ Pip (black female)

❤️ Mip (Buff female)

💙 SIP (BUFF male)