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Pregnancy confirmed, July 3

Maple's COckapoo Puppies

eyes opening, February 10

Maple's Cockapoo puppies are almost 2 weeks of age and gaining weight wonderfully!  They have begun to wobble about - learning that the legs they've been using as little flippers (to "swim" to momma) can help them cruise about.  Still quite wobbly, but so sweet to watch them develop and learn.  Eyes began opening yesterday (just little slits) - allowing them to see the world around them (and for us to see them, one of my FAVE stages) - this also means their ears are opening and they can begin to experience life around them through another sense (hearing).  

Here is their first formal photo shoot - enjoy! 💙❤️❤️💙💙

*Destiny will begin reaching out to families currently on our waiting list, Saturday 2/10. These pups are spoken for by families on our waiting list.

💙 Rip (apricot male)

❤️ Pip (black female)

❤️ Mip (Buff female)

💙 SIP (BUFF male)

💙 tip (BUFF male)