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Apple's cockapoo puppies

wings of fire litter

 ~ Apple's pups are spoken for by families currently on our waitlist ~

Last photo shoot, July 23

"So I've been tryin' to slow it down.....I've been tryin' to take it in.....So don't goes faster than you think" 

~Kenny Chesney

These lyrics are on my mind as we have the last photo shoot with Apple's adorable Cockapoo puppies. 8 Weeks has FLOWN by, and we have had an absolute blast loving on and raising this litter.  Knowing that each and every one of them is being adopted by a wonderful family, right here in New England (MA, NH & ME), makes the good-byes a little bit easier.  

Sunny (light apricot girl)

CLay (apricot Boy)

Glory (apricot Girl)

Coral (Apricot Girl)