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Eevee's COckapoo Puppies

Dinosaur litter

Be sure to check out our CHC Families Only page for more pictures, videos and information about Eevee's pups!
LOADS of pics and videos from our fun.
Updated 5/5/23

Last photo shoot, may 14

Just like that (or so it seems/feels for us), Eevee's Cockapoo puppies are 7 weeks and have fur-ever families eagerly counting down the days until they can bring their pup home.

We've loved watching them grow and develop; little ones that started life so small (weighing ounces) with eyes and ears shut are now bounding about, playfully &  happily (tails that never stop wagging) exploring their world around them with confidence.  

Spring here in NH that started cool and wet, has turned into loads of sunshine and warmer temps allowing for loads of outdoor fun!  The pups' days have been filled with chasing Charlotte Ann (and their mommas - still not convinced they need to wean), pouncing on leaves as they blow by, fetching sticks, sniffing all the smells, climbing up & over rocks/tires/raised beds and going around & through playstructures/slides/gardening buckets, and had puppy partys with visitors (I mean who doesn't want to come play with us and the pups 💙🐾❤️).

❤️ Jo (Light apricot FEMALE Cockapoo Puppy)

💙 REX (BUFF male Cockapoo Puppy)

❤️ CERA (BUFF Female Cockapoo Puppy)

❤️ ALLY (Buff Female Cockapoo Puppy)