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Ridley's spring Pups

CHC Families Only

On this page I'll be sharing with you a bit more about the 8 weeks we have raising your pup!  


I'll share pictures and videos from our day - to include enrichment protocols and puppy curriculum (EPPPuppy Culture) we use to raise happy, confident, stable, well-loved, well-adjusted, enrichment seeking pups.

Many breeders claim to use science-based curriculum and protocols (Puppy Culture, BAB) as well as ENS but not many actually do. That is why I will be sharing here, with you (transparency).


"The proof is in the puppies". ~ Jane Lindquist (Puppy Culture).

"What we do or do not do as breeders sets that dog up for a life of success". ~ Suzanne Clothier (Relationship Centered Training).

Our week, April 19 - 22

Having so much fun with Ridley's little Ewoks!  They are inquisitive, silly, playful, cuddly and learning new skills daily.  We work to keep their environment new and enriching - with daily playtime in different locations (inside - pool / play area), outside - backyard, play yard).  My favorite milestone this week, was watching them all come when called (puppy recall) from outside - through the door (up and over the threshold).  They seemed quite pleased with themselves too, their tails didn't stop wagging as they happily trotted in and making their way to the living room.

Morning Fun - 04/19/22

Not Sleepy Yet! - 04/19/22

Enjoying some post dinner, play with Charlotte Ann.


Enjoying the pool - learning: Stairs, "puppy treadmill" (slide).


Tunnels are SO much fun! So is learning how to figure things out.."can I go over? How do I get where I want to go?".  These short moments of problem solving (stress) when young - when positive - help our pups to grow up to be empowered, enrichment seeking doggies!


Tug is fun!


One, two....step. ❤️🐾💙


Tunnels are a blast.


Tyler having fun with the pups, playing peek-a-boo.

Up and over - around and through, april 19

Morning play with Ridley's little Ewoks. ❤️🐾💙 Learning to approach "new" (novel) environments with confidence is so important for developing pups. Here Reid helps them take on their new set up with things that roll, make noise, require them to climb over and around.

Springtime Fun, April 16

Ridley's Little Ewoks love to explore! Outside, doesn't matter. Daily novel experiences (sights, sounds, tactile items, etc.) are helping equip these pups to be confident, well-adjusted pups!

Out and About, April 13

Ridley's Ewoks love to follow Drew and Reid all about. They are at such a fun stage of exploring and think balls and leaves (blowing by) are quite amazing! We absolutely adore their bunny hops and never-stopping waggy-happy tails!

So many changes, April 2-4

All of our pups are raised in the middle of our home.  This allows for loads of interaction from all of our family to include all of our dogs.  Aria and Charlotte Ann were quite fascinated by these adorable moving "creatures".  Reid encouraged Charlotte Ann to check them out while reminding her and Aria that they were once that small too! 

Labor and Delivery, march 10-11

Love and kisses for mommas first born babe.....

Look at those perfect little toes! 🐾❤️


Our night as we wait.....

Loads of love, encouragement, and rest when we can get it.

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