Nya's Summer Pups

CHC Families Only

On this page I'll be sharing with you a bit more about the 8 weeks we have raising your pup!  


I'll share pictures and videos from our day - to include enrichment protocols and puppy curriculum (EPPPuppy Culture) we use to raise happy, confident, stable, well-loved, well-adjusted, enrichment seeking pups.

Many breeders claim to use science-based curriculum and protocols (Puppy Culture, BAB) as well as ENS but not many actually do. That is why I will be sharing here, with you (transparency).


"The proof is in the puppies". ~ Jane Lindquist (Puppy Culture).

"What we do or do not do as breeders sets that dog up for a life of success". ~ Suzanne Clothier (Relationship Centered Training).

First Baths, June 15

So gentle, so calm, SO easygoing - and TOTALLY adorable! 

Today, Nya's littles had their first bath and were so relaxed.  Momma also had a mini groom session and mini break from her babes. 

BACIo (apricot male)

Pesca (apricot female)

CanNella (Dark Apricot Female)

Mandarino (Apricot Male)