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Nya's Summer Pups

CHC Families Only

On this page I'll be sharing with you a bit more about the 8 weeks we have raising your pup!  


I'll share pictures and videos from our day - to include enrichment protocols and puppy curriculum (EPPPuppy Culture) we use to raise happy, confident, stable, well-loved, well-adjusted, enrichment seeking pups.

Many breeders claim to use science-based curriculum and protocols (Puppy Culture, BAB) as well as ENS but not many actually do. That is why I will be sharing here, with you (transparency).


"The proof is in the puppies". ~ Jane Lindquist (Puppy Culture).

"What we do or do not do as breeders sets that dog up for a life of success". ~ Suzanne Clothier (Relationship Centered Training).

Beautiful Day for Play & Bubbles, July 19

Our last week with Nya's pups and we are getting in all the fun we can.  

Still working on enrichment, today we introduced the puppies to more novel items:

     🐾 Ping Pong Balls (in their kiddie pool with large ocean themed stuffed animals).

     🐾 BUBBLES (bacon flavored and puppy safe of course!).

No shortage of fun!  

Pesca, Mango, Bacio and Canella are confident pups who approach new items - environments - noises - and sounds with ease.  

We've worked hard the last 7+ weeks to show them the world is good, people are kind and they are loved.

Outside fun, July 8

Tomorrow these guys will meet their fur-ever fams.  Today we have loads of fun playing and exploring in the backyard.


Creating an enriching environment means introducing the pups to novel experiences (sights, sounds, textures) daily.

     🐾 Climbing over/under/around and through all help build better spatial awareness.

     🐾 Hearing cars/motorcycles/planes overhead help desensitize pups, increasing their ability to be confident in the world around them.

     🐾 POSITIVE exposure to "other" dogs helps the pups build confidence in their dog-to-dog relationships.

As a responsible and reputable breeder we work hard to positively introduce our pups to their ever growing and expanding world in a positive way to help them become well-adjusted dogs ready to take on the world.

(more pics to come)

so much fun, june 27

No more kiddie pool for this crew!  The boys (Bacio and Mandarino) skillfully made their escape and showed us they are ready to play "free range".  Their sisters were close behind, though Pesca needed a bit more assistance being the smallest of the 4.

Off they went - under tables, over doggie beds, sniffing, hopping, belly crawling and even chasing behind their rolling tire.

In the videos and pics: Mandarino (yellow collar), Bacio (red collar), Canella (pink collar) and Pesca (purple collar).

Be sure to click on the arrow on the right to see more.

Hello - you're cute, june 22

While I cleaned everyone's pens - both Nya and Eevee's litters got to snuggle together...and of course, with my boys. 🐾💙

Silly even when sleepy, june 21

Almost lights out in our home, one more puppy check and a good night smooch.

Pesca and Canella both sleeping so sweetly.

Mandarino, asleep with his belly to the sky and Bacio not quite convinced it's time for bed.

full house, june 21

Nya's Italian Gelato litter got out and about today - to smell new smells (did you know each room in your home has a different smell to a pup?), hear new sounds (birds on nature tv playing in the background as we work on sound habituation), and meet the girls.  They are ever hopeful that one of the moms will bring them a gift (milk). You can hear Nya in the background, not happy to be left out.  However, we chose to not include her so as to avoid her feeling the need to "protect" them from the other dogs.  We were sure to give her plenty of reassurance and a special treat for "sharing" them so nicely with us.

First Baths, June 15

So gentle, so calm, SO easygoing - and TOTALLY adorable! 

Today, Nya's littles had their first bath and were so relaxed.  Momma also had a mini groom session and mini break from her babes. 

BACIo (apricot male)