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Eevee's Summer Pups

CHC Families Only

On this page I'll be sharing with you a bit more about the 8 weeks we have raising your pup!  


I'll share pictures and videos from our day - to include enrichment protocols and puppy curriculum (EPPPuppy Culture) we use to raise happy, confident, stable, well-loved, well-adjusted, enrichment seeking pups.

Many breeders claim to use science-based curriculum and protocols (Puppy Culture, BAB) as well as ENS but not many actually do. That is why I will be sharing here, with you (transparency).


"The proof is in the puppies". ~ Jane Lindquist (Puppy Culture).

"What we do or do not do as breeders sets that dog up for a life of success". ~ Suzanne Clothier (Relationship Centered Training).

Buddy up, July 26

Groups are fun, right?  I love my brothers, right?  


Yes and yes!  


However, puppies should have time of play and interaction in smaller groups (buddy up shown here) and alone (just one on one with the breeder). 


Today we had some buddy up play (2 littermates at one time) in the living room where the pups were able to explore and play with things that crinkle, move, make loud sounds, and spin - while also experiencing new textures to mouth, climb / walk on (tactile texture mats, blanket, rug, hard floors, steps, things that spin and move when they walk on).

Jupiter & Pluto

Neptune & Mars

Mars & Mercury

Outside Fun, July 8

So much fun out and about exploring through sights - smells - sounds.

Providing an enriched environment and encouraging our puppies "you can do it" rather than enabling and doing it for them, ensures we are raising them to be confident enrichment seeking puppies.  We also watch carefully for stress signals - is the pup ready for this?  Are they overwhelmed? We never force our pups to "do"!


Anxious pups are created by breeders who:

     - force puppies into new environments, not watching for appropriate developmental markers.

     - worry about checking boxes rather than the how it's done / how much is done during enrichment and socialization.

     - DO and solve all the puppies problems (pups need to see that they are capable and gain confidence as they master novel).

*individual information re: each video below is available when you double click (watch) the video.

Bathtime, June 29

Gentle and calm, just like their momma.  Eevee is a laid back and sweet girl who provides wonderful care for her pups from the moment they are born - key to making sure you've got a relaxed, non-stressed litter - comfortable with touch.

Spa music soflty playing and a warming lamp on their bed - the pups were so good and ready for naps afterward.

(Apricot Male)

     (Apricot Male)

(Apricot Male)

     (BufF Male)