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Health-Testing - You Can (and should) Verify

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Over the last several weeks I have had multiple email inquiries into our breeding program, where I am asked about the health testing we do here at CHC.

In the emails, prospective families mention that they had become disheartened by their search. Breeders they had inquired with who claimed to do health testing (on their website), couldn't provide proof or worse, never responded when questioned.

So, I decided to look around, see what other local breeders were "marketing" on their site. Are all breeders claiming to health test?

What health tests are they stating they do?

What I found, is disheartening.

Breeders making claims "health-tested parents", "OFA Certifications", "genetic testing" in fact are not testing their dogs!

OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) have worked with breed parent clubs to identify and screen for health issues prevalent in specific breeds.

Did you know YOU, the prospective puppy family can VERIFY this information? You can and you SHOULD.

You can do this by: asking the breeder "WHAT OFA certifications do you obtain for your breeding dogs?", "What genetic testing do you do?", "Do you make these certifications available to families?", "Will I get a copy of these certifications and health tests performed (results)?". If they can't provide or refuse to provide that is a red flag!

You can also verify directly through the OFA/CHIC website.

If your pups health is a high priorty, I would encourage you to verify that these health tests and certifications are acutally happening.

Sadly, anyone can set up a nice website now a days. And worse, they troll other breeder websites and glean wording (some almost take exact verbiage) and selling points so as to market themselves as a breeder in similar standing.

It's not that my breeding program isn't superior, it is. But I'm finding that it's increasingly difficult to show what sets my breeding program apart from others - because we are all "saying" the same thing. It's not that my breeding program isn't better or that my breeding program doesn't have higher standards. It's that as soon as I share information on my website, other breeders, to stay relevant and competitive, make the same claims on their site. What's unfortunate is that many of these claims are just (and false).

Breeders who do this should be ashamed, but without oversight - without families verifying their claims - they are emboldended to continue in their dishonesty. For those families doing the work to dig deeper, to verify - they are left distrusting and anxious, during a time that should be a happy and joy-filled experience - adding a pup to their family.

Please know, we (breeders) are not ALL THE SAME and it is in your best interest and your future puppies best interest (and health) to do the work now of finding an honest breeder not willing to lie or mislead you just to sell you a puppy! Because, if that's their end that the person you want "caring" for and raising your pup??

I wish you all the best in your search!

~ Destiny 🐾❤️

Click here to learn more about our breeding program: CHC Breeding Program

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