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Starla's Cockapoo puppies

Authors and poets litter

 ~ Starla's pups have joined their fur-ever fams ~

Be sure to scroll down to see most recent pics - updated 4/11/21

Starla had a beautiful litter of six apricot with white markings pups on January 18, 2021. Starla did a fantastic job with delivery and is caring for her pups magnificently. Pups are thriving under mommas love and care and we are over the moon excited to be able to love on and raise these pups. Pics will be updated frequently, so you can enjoy watching them grow along with us. Enjoy! ❤️

Welcome Little OneS ~ photo shoot 5 days Old

Starla's pups are nursing well and gaining weight wonderfully.  Starla is attentive and doting and her pups are thriving under her loving care.  We chose Authors & Poets for this litters name theme.  We have 1 boy (Shel Silverstein) and 5 girls (Toni Morrison, Virginia Woolf, Maya Angelou, Harper Lee and Alice Walker).

Eyes Open ~ Photo Shoot 2 Weeks 2 Days

At two weeks the pups have opened their eyes and are taking wobbly steps to explore their whelping box!  They notice us when we approach and even make the cutest purring (baby bark) sound when they want our or mommas attention. 

Learning through life - Photos taken 3 Weeks 1 Day

Week 3 we begin working on Puppy Culture core protocols of socialization, week one. These protocols, when done well ensure we raise behaviorally sound puppies.  Some of our to-do's include:

          🐾 Cuddling puppies individually.  Yes, life's tough....🥰

          🐾 Introducing something new each day.  This is rather easy since, to such young pups, everything is new!  We introduce them to new textures (living room solid surface floor, squishy dog bed, carpet, etc), new items which can include toys or general house items (puppy ball, stuffy, crinkle toy, rope with chew tire, paper towel tube, children's toy car that rolls, etc.) and new locations (daily puppy tours - we carry the pups around our home).

          🐾 Open space for walking.  One of the most important "jobs" the pups have now is learning to walk. After play we remove items and allow them to explore and walk freely.

          🐾 Nails trimmed weekly.  Our aim is to create a happy conditioned emotional response (CER) to nail cutting.

Morning Snuggles - 4 Weeks 2 Days (2/17)

At 4 weeks the pups are enjoying supplemental meals of formula - they eagerly lap up every drop (which is the cutest sound ever).  They enjoy playing with new toys and of course, all of Eevee's pups.  We enjoy starting our day with coffee, chocolate milk (for the kids not the puppies 😉), reading and couch snuggles with these cuties.

Puppy Videos - Snippets of cuteness

Playing with our owl 🐾


One on one with this sweet girl, while the other 🐾 sleep


Getting So Big - Photo Shoot 5 Weeks 1 day (2/23)

The pups are loving their softened food though they still enjoy nursing from their momma.  Starla is a fantastic mom, and still jumps into their play area to nurse and check on her babes.  Personalities are starting to show and we are having a fantastic time playing, cuddling, and getting to know them.  They've begun work on stairs, love new toys (different textures & sounds) and of course are exploring the big new world to include chasing the other mommas around the house.

Alice (female, Dark Apricot)
Maya (Female, Dark Apricot)
Virginia (Female, Apricot)
Shel (Male, dark Apricot)
Toni (Female, Dark Apricot)
Harper (Female, Apricot)
Getting Outside to play (3/5)

Starla's pups are playful, confident, silly, funny and SO MUCH FUN!  With temps being on the mild side (well, for NH and winter) we headed outside for a bit of playtime in our backyard.  Madi tagged along to keep the pups rounded up and to show them how it's done.  🐾❤️