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Aria's Cockapoo puppies

CHC Families Only

On this page I'll be sharing with you a bit more about the 8 weeks we have raising your pup!  


I'll share pictures and videos from our day - to include enrichment protocols and puppy curriculum (EPPPuppy Culture) we use to raise happy, confident, stable, well-loved, well-adjusted, enrichment seeking pups.

Many breeders claim to use science-based curriculum and protocols (Puppy Culture, BAB) as well as ENS but not many actually do. That is why I will be sharing here, with you (transparency).


"The proof is in the puppies". ~ Jane Lindquist (Puppy Culture).

"What we do or do not do as breeders sets that dog up for a life of success". ~ Suzanne Clothier (Relationship Centered Training).

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New Pen, March 2

Hmm, that's not where you belong.....🐾😝


Aria's pups have begun escaping their whelping box so they can get to momma and nurse.  Definitely time to expand and change their space.

Many hands help to move and settle Aria and her pups in their new pen.  Ari's littles started exploring and using their pellet tray (litter box) almost immediately! Momma likes that she has her own space to eat and sleep and access (through the pen's doggie door) to leave the pen completely.

Nail Trims, February 28

Weekly nail trims in a calm controlled environment (typically after having eaten and when sleepy) provide a positive CER (conditioned emotional response) to the task, aiding in future nail trims as the pups grow.  


Keeping them trimmed also ensures momma isn't scratched while nursing and helps the pups to walk (without becoming "stuck" to the pad/flooring).

Full Belly Bliss, February 27

With full bellies, Aria's pups contentedly sleep. 

Momma finished her meal though she never seems full - understandably, nursing 9 pups - and how can you say no to those eyes?! ❤️

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ENS & ESI, February 13

Tyler performs daily ENS and ESI protocols for Ari's littles (days 3-16).  Momma stays close, watching over things and making sure her babes are ok.

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) are specific handling and stimulation unlike normal handling.  There are 5 excercises (as you'll see in the videos below):

     1. Tactile stimulation.

     2. Head held erect (count of 5).

     3. Head poited down (count of 5).

     4. Supine position (count of 5).

     5. Thermal stimulation (count of 5).


These excercises do NOT take the place of normal love and attention (touching and stroking of our pups). 

Scientific studies have shown that the results & benefits of ENS are:

🐾  Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate)

🐾  Stronger heart beats

🐾  Stronger adrenal glands

🐾  More tolerance to stress

🐾  Greater resistance to disease

For more information on ENS and Dr. Carmen Battaglia click here:  

ENS - Breeding Better Dogs

ENS - AKC Article 

ENS - Puppy Culture (puppy program used here at CHC) - Video clip w/ Dr. Carmen Battaglia

Early Scent Introduction (ESI) was developed by Dr. Gayle Watkins, Avidog founder, Head of Education at GoodDog, and owner of Gaylan's Golden Retriever.  ESI helps puppies with their nose awareness and enhances their ability to identify and react to scents.  Like ENS, ESI is done days 3-16 of a puppies life and has been found to be beneficial for their development.


For more information on ESI and Dr. Gayle Watkins click here:


ESI - Avidog - Introducing Scents to Neonate Puppies 

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